10 Best Places to Visit in North India for Indian & Foreign Travelers

When it comes to India, the things that usually go through one’s head is its diversity, beautiful palaces and of course the Indian spices and cuisines. India is a complete package offering tourists from all over the world the greatest opportunities of nature sightseeing, adventure holidays, honeymoon vacations, pilgrimage tours, cultural and festival expeditions and a lot more. Here I will introduce you to the Best Places to Visit in North India.

10 Best Places to Visit in North India

India is vast; so itโ€™s not practical to cover the whole country in one go. If you are eyeing the North India, then we have got all the top places covered for you. North India offers the best travel destination for anyone with a visa to india and an incredible experience for every traveler from India and abroad. If North India doesn’t appeal to you, maybe the North East will? Maybe you’re wondering when the best time to travel to north east India is? The list of places to visit goes on and, it’s never-ending. Here are top 10 Best Places to Visit in North India.

1. Delhi

This city has many buried stories behind its pillars. Flipping back the pages, Delhi was home to many powerful emperors. This capital city will make you explore the diversity of traditions, culture and also give you a sight of the history through the ancient architectures. Few sites of attractions are-

  1. India Gate- A memorial dedicated to the soldiers of the Indian Army who lost their lives for the love of this country in the period of First World War.
Best Places to Visit in North India
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  1. 2. Lotus Temple– Made in the shape of a lotus, this temple is dedicated to Bahai faith. It stands to be the last of all the Bahai temples around the world.
  2. Humanyu’s tomb– This tomb built after the death of one of the Mughal ruler, Humayun, provides a depiction of the rule of Mughal’s in the city.
  3. Qutub Minar– This tower built by the first Muslim ruler of Delhi, Qutub-ud-din-Aibak is considered to be the tower of victory. The Iron Pillar is located near to it.

Delhi serves as the best place for a food lover. The fragrance of Kebabs, Paranthas, Chole Bhature and Biryani will surely make you drool. If you are foodie like me, you should definitely explore Old Delhi.

Best Places to Visit in North India
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2. Srinagar

Heard of heaven on earth? This capital of Jammu and Kashmir will get you the feeling of paradise. The serenity and beautiful landscapes are mesmerizing and leave one awestruck. Considered to be one of the best tourist attraction of India, it is one of the perfect holiday destinations.

The site of attractions include:-

  1. Dal Lake– Considered as ‘Jewel of Srinagar’ it is surrounded by misty peaks, shikaras (taxi boats) and houseboats floating around the lake. The floating gardens draw the attention to its beauty. Rich in fishing resources, it has the second largest fishing industry in the region.
Top Attractions in North India
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  1. Shalimar Bagh– Also known as Mughal garden is considered to be famous for Mughal horticulture. This beautiful garden built by Mughal Emperor, Jahangir portrays love for his wife, Noor Jahan.
  2. 3. Khanqah Shah-i-Hamadan– Founded by a Persian Saint, this beautiful mosque provides a feeling of serenity and leads to the spiritual awakening of the mind.

Kashmir is another great place for the food lovers; especially kebab/meat lovers ๐Ÿ™‚

10 Best Places to Visit in North India for Indian & Foreign Travelers
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3. Amritsar

The most visited destination of Punjab is famous for its Golden Temple. People all around the world visit this sacred pilgrimage for the inner peace of their soul. It provides Langar, free food services to all the tourists. Several ceremonies held on a daily basis go as per the tradition of the Sikhs. This religious place for the Sikhs welcomes all irrespective of caste or race.

Top Places to See in North India
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Last but not he least, you should also pay a visit to the iconic Wagah Border.

4. Chandigarh

This best-planned city is one of the Union Territories of India. It serves as the capital of two states that is Punjab and Haryana.

Best point of interest includes:-

  1. Rock Garden– A perfect place to show the use of wastes. It consists of waterfalls, sculptures made of wastes of bottles, glasses, broken pipes.

Government official, Nek Chand commenced the garden and, today it is visited by almost 5000 people every day.

Best Places to See in North India

  1. Sukhna Lake– Emerging from the Shivalik hill range, this lake provides a scenic beauty to all the tourists. It serves as a sanctuary for many migratory birds.

5. Ladakh

A destination with links to Tibetan and Buddhism culture, has three highest mountain passes in the world. A perfect place to experience adventure.

Best Tourist Places in North India
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The Shey Monastery founded by the first King of Ladakh is one of the worth visiting places of Ladakh. The two major celebrations Shey Doo Lhoo and Shey Suey Rupla provide a unique experience of divinity.

Ladakh offers safari ride to different places such as Manali, Zanskar, Srinagar etc. Besides, if you are an adventure (outdoors) lover, you will definitely love the mountain bike ride.

6. Manali

Situated in the hills of Himachal Pradesh, it is one of the famous tourist destinations of North India.

Top Tourist Destinations in North India

The main attraction of this place includes:-

  1. Rohtang pass– The breathtaking scenery of this pass is challenging for all the trekkers. The way up the hills is truly worth experiencing. An experience of the snow and a mountain bike ride is a thrilling one.
  2. Solang valley– It is situated at the top of Kullu valley being the best skiing destination, and offers sports like paragliding, skating, zorbing during summers.
Weekend Trips in North India
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If you are an adventurer, Manali is the perfect place to spend your holidays.


Located in the state of Uttarakhand, it is one of the popular hill stations of India. It serves as a tourist attraction for people around the world. Surrounded by serene landscapes, this place is paradise for nature lovers.

10 Best Places to Visit in North India for Foreign Travelers
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Few major attractions are:-

  1. Naini Lake– Surrounded by seven, this lake is the perfect destination for the romantic travelers.
  2. Tiffin top– Want to get a full view of the Nainital town? This place is the right one to visit. Yes, you got it right. The surrounding hills of Kumaon range offer a wonderful view. Additionally, the Tiffin top is also a famous picnic spot.

8. Shimla

Best Tourist Places in North India for Foreigners
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Surrounded by snow-capped mountains, Shimla offers a pleasant holiday destination. It has dense forests of oak, deodar and is famous for its apple trees. Adventurous sports like skiing, trekking, ice-skating and many more are enjoyable.

Top Holiday Destinations in North India
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9. Agra

It is the home for one of the seven wonders of the world, Taj Mahal.

10 Best Places to Visit in North India for Foreign Travelers
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Situated at the bank of river Yamuna river, Taj Mahal is built by Mughal Emperor, Shah Jahan in memory of his beloved wife, Mumtaz Mahal. Made of ivory white marble, Taj Mahal was designated as UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1983.

10. Varanasi

Known as the sacred city for the Hindus and Jains, it is a historical city of India. The devotion of the pilgrim’s in the river Ganga at sunrise is probably the impressive sight. It consists of pilgrimages dating back to the centuries old.

North India Tourism
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