Admission Consulting for Masters from Top Universities Abroad – Is it Worth?

Studying abroad is a dream for many Indian students. However, for the majority of candidates, the college admissions process abroad could be a little bit confusing or tricky. If you are aiming for the top universities (say the ones in USA, Europe, and Canada etc.), the process could be very competitive and overwhelming. So, does admission consulting make an impact in getting into Masters from top universities abroad?

Masters (MS) Admissions at Top Universities Abroad

At the top universities (e.g. Top 25, 50, 100 or 250 in the World Ranking), the admission officers look at several factors before making a decision – grades (marks), test scores, your motivation, potential, demonstrated interest, publications, relevant job experience etc. If you didn’t have a job that’s fine as well; after all, you are applying for MS (and not MBA or PhD).

They want to judge if you are really interested in that program and whether you can successfully finish the course. The admission committee (adcom) will also look for research interests and if you have put any extra effort (say taking relevant online courses) and/or relevant projects & internships. There are a lot of resources out there, for example, something like, My HBCU Interview, that might helpful with your college admission interview especially if you are looking at going to a university within the United States. Whatever college or wherever you choose to attend there are organizations, like Hawk Educational Solutions that might be able to help you with the college admission process.

Finally, your Statement of Purpose (SOP or Personal Statement) and Letters of Recommendation (LOR) could make or break your admission chances. The SOP is really critical; think as you are talking in front of the ad-com and explaining why they should accept you. LOR is like your supervisor or tutor is lobbying for you by providing insights & arguments – why the University should accept you. Yes, LOR is more than just a reference letter.

India is full of bright and deserving candidates. When you are applying to the top colleges abroad, you also need to compete with the local students and those from other countries. At the top tier universities, the acceptance rate could be as low as 6%. So, how to beat the stiff competition?

Admission Consulting Process in India

Here come the study abroad counsellors and overseas education agents. But, with the increasing popularity of overseas education, study abroad consultants, education agents, and admission counsellors are now everywhere.

10 years back, there were very few people in the admission consulting (for UG, MS, MBA college admissions) business – accept it, it’s a business now. Now there are thousands. The admission has been transformed at some of the highly selective universities (especially those with low acceptance rates). Each year applications increase at virtually all highly ranked schools. Some have nearly doubled application numbers in the last decade. So, working with admission consultants can certainly work in your favour.

Of course, you can work on your applications, and I recommend doing that – research on the internet, and check out various (but credible) education and study abroad portals. But, working with a consultant can certainly improve your chances.

I do advise to approach admission consultants by all means if you think that’s in your interest. But don’t treat it like outsourcing. They are not going to write the SoP, CV or LoR for you. Firstly, it’s unethical. Secondly, that’s not going to work for you in short-term or long-term.

How to Choose an Admission Consultant?

So, how to choose the best consultant to work with? Well, rather than going after the best consultant, you should focus on working with the right consultant.

Decide what you need help with. It might be possible that you are done with university selection, and only need someone to review and edit your SoP. Sometime, you might need just a 1:1 session to decide whom to take recommendation letters (LoRs) from. So, in those cases, there is no need for an end-to-end package at all.

For anyone looking for a consultant should understand that there is no magic in the process. Consultants cannot get an average candidate into an Ivy League or Elite school. But, they can suggest things, which transform the applications from average to above-average and good to great. It’s as simple as that.

For the Go-Getter Guys

I do realize that it’s not always possible for everyone to opt for paid consulting. That’s why I always try to jot down the blogs to inform everyone so that they can be benefitted from their application process.

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Admission Consulting for Masters from Top Universities Abroad

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My Admission Consulting Services for Masters Abroad

I have been working as an admission consultant for last 3 years. I did my Masters from the UK. My study abroad and work experience in the UK, Netherlands, and Australia laid the foundation for my career as an admission consultant. Besides, I have been at some of the best universities in the world – Aston, Oxford, Utrecht, and UNSW.

Admission consulting started as a passion (during my research days abroad); now it’s my full-time profession. I love working with young brains who want to achieve the best possible career outcomes.

I believe a Master’s degree is a tool towards a brighter and better career. You should treat it as a way to reach your greater goal – having a good & meaningful career.

I work as an independent admission consultant for graduate admissions abroad. I do not represent any particular university or college. Just like any other admission consultant, my clients are the students/candidates, and not the universities. I work in best interest of the candidate’s career.

If your goal is only to get admitted to a random college in any foreign country, or just getting into a top brand for the sake of getting oohs & aahs from your peers & relatives, I might not be the best person for you. If you are serious about your career, I will be happy to work with you. At the same time, if you are not keen on attending a university that does not necessarily fall within top 200 – 300 in the world, I might not provide the real value of your money – I hope you got the hint.

Scope of my Work as an Admission Consultant

An admissions consultant spent lots of time (and effort) researching colleges & universities, admissions requirements at those schools, guiding the candidate on SOP, essays, scholarships and other components of applications. Hence, just like any other consulting service – they are paid services. So, if you need personalized guidance for pursuing Masters from top universities abroad, feel free to contact me or book a consulting session with me.

My previous clients have got into universities like University of Pennsylvania, TU Munich, Cornell, Georgia Tech, York University, Imperial College London, Queen’s University Belfast, University College Dublin, TU Delft, WWU Munster, Macquarie University, University of Queensland, UNSW and many more. You should also check out what few of my previous clients have to say about me.

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