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    Dear Tanmoy,
    I first came across your article in the website “MBA Crystal Ball” and was extremely happy to come across someone who shares advice on what to do in the biotechnology field,especially when there are so many people who don’t know what to do and how to go about it.Though your articles are really helpful,I still feel extremely confused on how to proceed.I do have research experience during my thesis and also project work and training during vacations when I was in college.After the thesis project experience,I felt extremely confused if I wanted to go ahead with research especially the PhD direction.So I thought of trying out MBA exams and did not do well.Currently I managed to get into MBA in Healthcare and hospital Management,but I don’t feel confident in doing it and a part of me wants to try out research again.I also managed to get through a university in Australia for a course in molecular biology but it’s so expensive and after reading your articles,I feel that the US,especially the bay area would be a better option.There are applications going on for California State University and I am applying to them right now.But how can you know what you really want to do?
    P.S sorry for the very long description



    Hi Roshni,

    If you are not too comfortable or keen towards Healthcare Management, I would advise not to go after that.
    If you are really interested in Molecular Biology, stick to that path only.
    I know cost is an issue for the majority of Indian students. In that case, think about the alternative destinations.

    Coming to your last query – how can you be sure of a certain career path:
    Take some of the free career tests. Here is one: https://www.stoodnt.com/qr/free-online-career-test

    If you are still confused, please let me know.



    What option would be better in terms of colleges in the US such as California state university channel islands ,rutgers, suny Albany, northeastern and Utrecht University (Netherlands) in terms of job prospects in case I don’t want to do a PhD.



    Roshni, the job prospects are definitely bright after studying at those universities.
    However, are you still feeling confused with your proceedings?
    If you wish, we can have a 1:1 session. You can send me request for a consulting session using the contact form here – http://tanmoyray.com/contact/


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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