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Feedback and real testimonials from real people.

Sumit Verma - MS Computer Science, Cornell & Georgia Tech (USA)

More personalized feedback is a clear standout in working with professional admission consultants.

The help from Tanmoy (and Team Stoodnt) in making me understand how to modify my SoP and playing to my strengths brought a lot of clarity in the process.

Read his full story and feedback here.

Susmita Bhowmick - MSc Information Systems (with Scholarship), University College Dublin (Ireland)

Tanmoy is one of those persons who would shortlist universities based on your interests as well as your future career potential.

He provided relevant resources for all the SOPs and lots of tricks and methods for writing my CV making it compact and sum up all my skills and interests neatly.

In terms of flexibility, I couldn’t have asked for more. He was patient but consistent with all the tasks at hand and always kept in mind the time and schedules and helped us to reach the criteria without much hassle.

Read her full feedback and admission consulting experience.

Ishaan Sengupta - MBA Student, ICFAI Business School

Tanmoy Ray is someone I came across on LinkedIn through a mutual acquaintance on one of my posts here. I, as a job seeker, finding myself bang in the middle of an extremely competitive space of university placements, asked him if he could go through my CV and review it for the sole reason that, the same CV (which is *me*, on a piece of paper) was being rejected by well-known organizations. He was kind enough to provide me with an in-depth, professional analysis of my CV and he recommended quite a few things for me to overcome. It was like nothing I had ever come across before and I'm sure I can represent myself better on a piece of paper from now on. Read more.


Jinal Salvi - MS Computing and Data Analytics, Saint Mary's University (Canada)

I believe that Tanmoy is the Consultant who first analyzes and evaluates the course before suggesting it to the student. I was in dilemma of Canadian university ranking and course but he helped me to come out of it.

I hope that he will guide more and more student in the right direction for their better future.

Neha Shrivastava - PhD Scholar, DRDO

After completion of my Post-Graduation from Biotechnology, I received a  fellowship for Ph.D. Along with that I also got a work offer from DRDO. I was confused if I should join DRDO  or consider other options and the choice was tougher between the fields of specialization i.e. Microbiology and Virology. Each person had a different opinion and I was in a great confusion.

I then consulted Tanmoy Sir and he gave a convincing and clear suggestion. He suggested me to chose Virology as my field of specialization and also highlighted that it is an evolving subject and there is a lot of scope in Research and Industries. He also highlighted the high demand of Virologists due to the scarcity of them in India. I trusted his experience in this field and his knowledge of the subject and gladly found his opinions to be correct in every aspect.

Thank you so much, sir, for your valuable suggestions and I am sure you will extend a similar support in future as well.

Lauren Pinkney - Tax Trainee, Deloitte Switzerland

Tanmoy was a brilliant professional mentor. He provided me with lots of advice that helped dramatically improve my CV. He also gave me his best tips for speculative applications which were very handy for my placement search. All of his support throughout the year made a huge difference and helped me to secure a placement at Deloitte Switzerland.

Ravikant Agrawal - MSc Information Systems at WWU Munster (Germany)

Ravikant got 3 admits after applying to 4 universities in Germany.

Arpan Mitra and Parijat Bhattacharya - MSc Interactive Media at University of Limerick (Ireland)

Both Arpan and Parijat got admitted with 50% Scholarship. Here is his feedback. Arpan had approached me through a reference (Saikat), who happens to be my junior at College. Arpan and Parijat are classmates. Here is Arpan's feedback.

"The course was really good. It was a perfect balance of theoretical and practical work. I felt it was very industry relevant. I am extremely grateful for the guidance you provided."

Neha Tabassum - PhD Researcher at Imperial College London (UK)

Neha had contacted me via LinkedIn. She is currently pursuing her Doctoral Research in Clinical Medicine at the Imperial College London.


Indranil Basak - Postdoc, University of Utah (School of Medicine)

Tanmoy Ray is a talented and creative education and career consultant/expert/advisor with pertinent qualification, hands-on research experience in three different continents and extensive knowledge in higher education related to Life Sciences, Engineering, and Management.

Sushmita Jain - Entrepreneur

Tanmoy Ray is a Great Education Consultant & Creative Contributor with the deep sea like understanding for the specific institutional realms.

Reema Mazumdar - MSc Biotechnology & Business, UCD

I found Tanmoy on Quora. He was answering people who were asking their career queries. So, I decided to consult him. He provided a great review and action plan.

Himanshu Rai - Biotechnologist, NIB

The information provided by you is really beneficial and focused.

You really worked hard as it seems like you have been working on it for a long time.

Great job. Keep it up.

Swetha Bejugam -  Medical Writer

Studying Life sciences, Pharmacy, in particular, had always inspired me. The guidance to careers and the associated fields post-graduation and masters were always limited. Tanmoy's blogs on career advice, especially the scope and future in biomedical sciences sounds very promising and interesting. The guidance he gives is very well laid and shows the concrete research he undertakes. Having very good exposure in research field by profession, he gives personalized pieces of advice on education, career, and research. The country-specific advice he gives is icing on the cake. Had I known the diversity available with Life sciences, my career goal would have been more oriented. 

I am a follower of his blog and look for different options available. 

Sameer Kamat - Entrepreneur and Founder of MBA Crystal Ball & Careerizma

Tanmoy Ray is a higher education consultant and a prolific writer with a deep understanding of the life sciences domain.

Ajay Singh - Founder & CEO, Stoodnt

Over the last 18 months, I have seen Tanmoy grow in his role as a digital marketing professional. He has an amazing talent for content marketing and he continues to expand his skill set through learning new skills and staying updated on emerging technologies.

A great asset to any organization as they look at going digital!

Deepak Salwan -  Recruitment Professional

Tanmoy Ray is a smart, well-read, education and career consultant which excellent knowledge of Pharmacology, Biomedical, and Life Sciences.

Mahendra Biswas - HR Recruitment Manager

Tanmoy, who speaks with optimum facts and fully loaded with knowledge about Education consulting, also including the religion called "Cricket".

Truly a benevolent Educationalist!